Thursday, August 9, 2018

Funky Mid Century Modern Dresser Makeover!

Meet Jacob. The project piece I almost didn't buy! The photo the seller posted, made the drawers look super wonky. I was like....ehhhhhhhh. The price was right, and I was actually meeting the same seller to buy another piece so I look a look at this one. Y'all! I have fallen in love!!! If you're head over heels too, he is for sale - $500!

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Funky two tone Mid Century Modern Dresser Makeover

The drawers are definitely funky, but that's what MAKES this dresser! That, and the little brass flower details on each corner of the top.

Funky two tone Mid Century Modern Dresser Makeover

Friday, July 20, 2018

Navy Blue French Provincial Dresser with Crystal Knobs

Boho Blue French Provincial Dresser Crystal Knobs

Isn't she a beauty!? I picked this little dresser up secondhand. Sadly she didn't have the traditional French provincial style drawer pulls, and she was missing two of the knobs the previous owner used. So, I decided to order some glamorous crystal knobs.

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Here's how she was before. Pink and white is a cute color combination for a little girl's room, but she definitely needed a new paint job. I had to go back and refill the holes from the original hardware, too. It looked like they'd filled them with something...but it wasn't done very well. I think some fillers shrink over time.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Neutral Boho Entryway Vibes

Am I allowed to call this an entry way? It's not exactly a foyer, but it's my landing pad; so I'm gonna go with it!

Neutral Boho Entryway! Vintage mirror wicker shelf

I haven't shared this part of my house at all because it was so hideous. I literally called it 'no man's land'. It had dark knotty pine everywhere. I didn't like it one bit. Because I didn't like it, I sort of used it as a garage. I'd pile up pending furniture projects, yes I stacked dressers on top of dressers. It really looked bad in here.

Here it is on move in day. It's not the same view as the corner I'm sharing, but you get the idea....

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Blush & Grey Master Bedroom Update

There's been a lot of changes since my yellow and grey master bedroom! That was just thrown together with things I had already. I was trying to make it a bit homey and cohesive after moving in. However, visions of blush pink danced in my head!

Blush, Copper, and grey Bedroom

Isn't she gorgeous now?! I'm almost 100% finished. I'd still like a headboard...which ironically I found something to serve as one literally a few days after I photographed everything. I'll save that for another post! Other than that I'd like to paint the trim white, and that's it!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Painted Fireplace Makeover!

Well I finally did it! I painted the fireplace in the living room! I was hesitant to paint it since I'm renting, and I know some people are funny about painting over "nice stone". However, when I was renewing my lease (and they raised the rent *cries*) I had them throw in letting me paint the fireplace! PERMISSION GRANTED!
DIY white painted fireplace!

It wasn't horrible before. The colors were muted, and it was definitely dingy from smoke.