Monday, February 4, 2019

Midcentury Modern TV Stand - Painted MCM Dresser

You caught me.

It's really a dresser.

But whatever. We're all mad here! ;)

I love dressers.
I love MCM dressers.
I love giving them a makeover.
I love the hidden storage they provide.

I paid way more than I normally would for this piece ($120), but I'm willing to do that if it's a personal piece and something specific I want. I wanted a dresser to serve as my tv stand. I wanted it to be midcentury and have some sort of detailing. This isn't super detailed, but at least it has some character to it!

Midcentury Modern TV Stand Dresser

Friday, January 25, 2019

Mint Green French Provincial Dresser

Hey y'all! It's been so cold and rainy here in the PNW. It is gumbo weather for sure. I loooove gumbo, and my sister makes the best. Mine is good, but I'll humbly admit hers is better. She's honestly a better cook than me..and I'm pretty darn good!

Last date night I went on a dinner date, and the special was gumbo! "The chef learned how to make it when he lived in Louisiana for 3 months. His friend who is a Louisiana native shared the recipe and tricks!" Me: *spoon ready in hand* I'll take that!" I did tell her I was from Louisiana and would be judging!!!

Now, I am not one to complain.
I have never sent a dish back or even expressed displeasure.
Maybe because I'm a closet fatty that loves food, and I'm easy to please.

But...this mess didn't even look like gumbo. They served it on a PLATE, with a FORK. I actually thought they brought me the wrong thing. It was like rice and gravy. {gumbo is soupy FYI} It wasn't good, not even a little bit. It looked foreign and had an odd taste. We didn't eat it. At all. The waitress asked how it was, and bless her heart, I was just like "that's not gumbo." She offered to bring something else, but in my mind that translated into spending more money..and I wasn't going to have my boyfriend drop more money after spending $25 on trash gumbo. I'm going to make a Yelp account just to leave a review saying their gumbo is a lie!

I think I'm going to make gumbo this week to cleanse my palate of the memory of this imposter gumbo! Also I'm pretty sure my sister is coming to visit next month; so, I'll naturally make her cook me gumbo!

Mint Green French Provincial Dresser

Saturday, September 8, 2018

The Perfect Bedroom for a Teenage Boy!

Welcome to my son's bedroom! Come on in!

When Ethan was out of town visiting my sister and Uncle Father for a few weeks, I decided to surprise him with a bedroom redesign!

Follow me! I was so lonely when he was out of town! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

4 Tips for Scoring FREE Paint!

As most of you who follow along probably know, I'm in a rental home now. It definitely needed a new paint job throughout. My first priority was to get my daughters' room looking as familiar as possible. It looks great, but after dropping over $100 to paint a room in a house that's not mine...I was over it.

So, I looked into more affordable free options for updating this home! So far, I have painted the kitchen, dining room, office nook, large entryway, & my son's bedroom...all. for. FREE! 

*Without further adieu, here are my tips to get your paint on for F R E E !*

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Funky Mid Century Modern Dresser Makeover!

Meet Jacob. The project piece I almost didn't buy! The photo the seller posted, made the drawers look super wonky. I was like....ehhhhhhhh. The price was right, and I was actually meeting the same seller to buy another piece so I look a look at this one. Y'all! I have fallen in love!!! If you're head over heels too, he is for sale - $375!

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Funky two tone Mid Century Modern Dresser Makeover

The drawers are definitely funky, but that's what MAKES this dresser! That, and the little brass flower details on each corner of the top.

Funky two tone Mid Century Modern Dresser Makeover