Friday, January 27, 2012

Hot Glue = Art?

I'm sure you have seen them all over Pinterest. Those pretty wine bottles with the word "Love" written on it in hot glue all prettily painted. I decided to try my own, and a slight variation.

These are super simple to make. Simply choose your bottle, or whatever you are using. I chose a wine bottle and a soap and lotion dispenser set. Remove the labels and as much of the glue behind them as possible. Take your handy dandy hot glue gun and carefully write the word of your choosing on the bottle.

In theory, if you mess up you can just peel off the hot glue and begin again. This was more difficult than I expected! The glue came off of the glass wine bottle - with difficulty; however, my soap and lotion dispensers were plastic...and that hot glue was not coming off! Luckily they were two sided. :) I also recommend getting the wording perfect. For some reason, I thought that once it was painted that the tiny imperfections would be hidden - not true! I still think they look nice.


This next step was only necessary for the lotion and soap dispensers. Be sure and tape off the top where the dispenser attaches, and of course the opening so you do not get paint in your holders! Can you imagine washing your hand with paint freckled soap? Follow this step with two coats of spray paint, allowing each coat to dry completely. I did not  use primer because my spray paint was Rustoleum's paint and primer in one. I chose to use my current obsession - oil rubbed bronze!

And here you have it, the finished product! I love the personalization options here! I chose the word "Relax" because the wine bottle is part of a vignette in my son's/guest bathroom, and I think that the "soap" and "lotion" choices are obvious. ;)

Just imagine the labeling possibilities! Hot glue sticks even come in different colors - avoiding the need to paint the item you're writing on!!!

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