Wednesday, February 15, 2012

HGTV Dream Home in Reality! Part 1 ~ Guest Room

I fell in love with so many of the rooms in the HGTV Dream Home of 2009. I love everything about it. The fantastic wrap around porch and the bold use of color inside without being overwhelming.

Sadly, I have not been overly impressed with a Dream Home since. Also sadly, I have trouble pulling a room together on my own...they always seem to lack that finished look! I often need a room as an inspiration room, and then I copy it with adjustments to fit my likes and needs. I was so smitten with the 2009 Dream Home, that I used two of their bedrooms as inspiration in my own home.

This sunny bedroom is the guest bedroom in the 2009 Dream Home. I also decided that it would be the perfect place for my guests to relax in my dream home. Love, love, love this room! The photography, the bed, the black and white mixed furniture! The grouping of 9 photographs that feature classic farm equipment that is local to the Dream Home's build site. Photography plays a big part in this design, and what better place to display family photos than where your family will stay!??

Yellow is not normally a color I gravitate toward. So, I was afraid of going super bold. Instead of using the same color they chose, I opted for a safer - less bright - shade. I also did not paint the ceiling. Perhaps that was just laziness on my part...Another major player for my love of this room is that I already had an iron bed that was my husband's as a child. It was in need of some TLC...i.e. spray paint! 
You can check out how I made the table in the above photo here.
I mimicked the photography art with something local - attractions in the Seattle area! I sometimes call it my Seattle Room. I found all the photos online and, courtesy of Walgreen's, I had them blown up into 8x10's. There's the statue of Jimmy Hendrix, the Space Needle, the original Starbucks,  the hammer guy from the Seattle Art Museum, Pikes Place Market, and the Seattle skyline.
As with everything in my house, this room is still a work in progress! Really all I want for in here is the missing rug...but at $1000.00 (yes, that's ONE THOUSAND dollars!) I will not be purchasing it. However, I am devising a plan to make one my own...thriftily of course!

Keep watching for the second, and final (for now!) part of my HGTV Dream Home, in Reality!