Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sassy Side Tables!

This is my latest completed furniture project, and I thought I should go ahead and post about them since I have up for sale on Craigslist and they (hopefully) will soon be gone!
I picked up these babies in a lot of furniture I bought off of Craigslist. Here is a photo of them before. They were already pretty, not in bad condition - but I had a vision for them as soon as I saw them!
 First came cleaning them up, then I used spray primer, following that up with a creamy white spray paint. I don't usually spray paint my pieces, but considering all of the little nooks on the legs and bottom I thought that would be the easiest route. Last came the glazing.
Primed and painted!
 I purchased a clear mixing glaze from Lowe's and mixed the recommended proportions of paint with it. I chose a blue that I already had on hand from previous projects. You can also buy tintable glaze, which I have a pint of it in black; however, I like the freedom of the clear glaze because you can get
multiple colors out of one jug if you choose. 

When applying the glaze on the tables I used a cheap dollar store paint brush because I was pretty hard on it when cramming all the bristles down into those little holes on the legs. I did not want to mess up one of my better brushes. The glaze has a very long working time. In the legs and areas with deep crevices, the glaze can be wiped off immediately with a damp rag and leave behind a nice effect. However, in areas that are not so pronounced, such as the fine wood grain on the top of the table, it should be left on longer. The top of the tables were the last thing that got wiped off. I even  went back and applied a second coat to the table tops for a better effect.
Top of the table before the glaze was wiped off.
And there you have it! 1 part priming + 2 parts painting + 50 bajillion parts patience = 2 sassy side tables! Double check my addition for me?? ;)

These are up for grabs in my "shop".