Monday, April 2, 2012

Elegant Etched Glass Table

I have been trying not to brag about what great deals I get on my items since I am using this blog as a means of selling....but....this table cost me $1.29! And since It's already sold, I guess I can gush about it now! Everything I used to revamp her I already owned!

 So here's what it took: 

  1. Primer
  2. Blue Paint
  3. Frosted Glass Spray
  4. Black Glaze
  5. Polycrylic

This table, sadly, was not solid wood, and it had some questionable spots on the top. I sanded it down thinking that would help. In the end it really didn't, but I thought it wouldn't show up with the paint on it. Yeah - no clue what I was thinking, either! 
 So, I rolled Zinsser's Bullseye Oil Based Primer. I followed that with two coats of the same blue paint that I've been using all over my house and for lots of furniture projects, like the buffet. I did something different with the paint this time...I diluted it with water because I read somewhere that the paint and primer combo did not fare well on furniture since it is so thick. Well, this gave it an almost chalky feel when it was dry. I was not impressed. 
After glazing the table to bring out all the details, I used 2 coats of polycrylic. This gave it a smoother finish and a nice glossy sheen. 
 During all the painstakingly long dry times of the paint, I worked on the "etched" glass. This step was simple enough. I used the same stencil that I used for my walls for the pattern. At first I used spray adhesive to put it on the back of the glass, thinking that would help. It really didn't so I skipped it when moving the stencil around. Lay your glass FACE DOWN and place the stencil on the backside. Spray on several coats of the frosted glass. Once that is dry you can continue on and move the stencil - this was necessary for me because it was an all over pattern and the stencil did not quite cover the entire glass. Just be sure to realign it perfectly! 
Once completely dry, it can be added to your table and the top of the glass will be smooth. This was a perfect option for this piece because the glass was actually scratched in several places. Once it was etched, the scratches weren't even noticeable!
This baby sold for $65! What do you think? I think I miss it...

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