Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Huffy Hubba Hubba!

Every time I buy a new project piece. Hubba Hubba gets all huffy with me. Sometimes he just looks down and shakes his head. lol. He tries to be understanding, but my obsession for getting new project pieces while dozens of them lay in our my garage unfinished really gets to him. He gets so irritated and doesn't understand why I can't just get a piece, transform it, THEN get another... Well half over half the fun is looking for inspiration and shopping for new projects! Not to mention we're looking into DIYing a deck, and he's convinced that my project graveyard in the garage is going to be a major hindrance. I'm sure I can squeeze whatever materials we need in there! Wedged right in between his motorcycle (which btw is a real pain that I have to cover it each time I work. Maybe I should nag him about that!) and a desk or 3 that I have waiting to be done. Maybe I should just disassemble the GIANT Great Dane sized dog kennels that are taking up half of my working space!
Okay, so there's only 7 in the garage currently (some small ones aren't pictured). But, I have 1 table in the truck,  a desk in the kitchen, a coffee table in the entry hall, another in the living room, yet another coffee table upstairs, 8 chairs spread through the house, not to mention pieces that are waiting for a buyer to love them! And let me tell you these things aren't strategically placed to look nice!
In my defense, most of my projects are cheap. I mean, I'm hard pressed to spend more than $10 on a piece of furniture for a project. Of course that doesn't include whatever materials to make it over. I guess I'm saying I can't pass up a good deal!!!

Maybe the simplest solution would be to buy a new house, with a basement. Keep the evil, nagging, project collector, crazy, wife in the basement....which the basement itself would likely become a project. Perfect! Or he can build his own garage! I've totally claimed this one!

P.S. I'm not really mad at him, I feel sort of bad that it bothers him so much. But hey, it's a woman's prerogative... Lucky for Hubba Hubba he's not only huffy - but huggable, handsome, happy, honest, humorous, oh and HOT!

And here's a kiss in advance for him being understanding of all the things that I will likely buy this week! O;)

Any of you other ladies have this problem??? Reached a compromise? What do you think about renting a booth? At least it would clear out my completed projects. I just think that's $100 a month that I can put toward more projects!!!