Saturday, April 7, 2012

Purple Front Doors

Can you guess what I've been up to? Here's a little hint...


 Any ideas? ;)
Y'all helped me choose what color would look best for Casa Buckley here. Well actually, only one person confirmed the color that I really wanted to use anyway - but hey I'll take it! I'm so excited that Hubba actually agreed to purple! He even helped me choose the shade. I'll have the reveal in a couple of days!!!


  1. Hi Ansley,

    Hope you find the perfect shade for your front door. Your first photo is one that I took in a little town near my home while searching for front door colors. I ended up painting my door turquoise. Thanks for visiting me at the Delightful Eclectic Abode. Please remember to credit photos if you didn't take the shots yourself.


    1. Sorry for taking so long to reply (honestly I had it in my head that I already did)! I always try to credit photos, but lots of times I just save things I like to my computer for later the original source is lost. Any tips for this? Or maybe I should just stick to pinning things to Pinterest. If you email me the link for your source, I'd be more than happy to edit it in. :)

  2. Hi Ansley,

    No worries. Isn't the first little house lovely? You can credit the photo to Love your blog!