Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Fling

Ahh, it's finally officially spring; although, you would not be able to tell by our weather here! It has been pretty on several days, but it's still cold. Sadly, being a Louisiana girl even the "warm" days here in Washington State are cold to me. I spend my spring and summer in cute sun dresses accessorized with cardigans and goosebumps!

Regardless of the temperature, I love to reflect the spirit of whatever season it is in my home! I typically only put out lots of decorations for major holidays like Christmas and Halloween - YES Halloween is a MAJOR holiday! For spring and Easter I keep it simple. Almost all I did for the season involved candy. Mmm. Sadly, my decor won't last long I'm afraid! So here's just a few photos of the nommy additions around our home.

 Just fill sconces, champagne glasses, vases, or anything with candy. BOOM - instant decor.

Best for last. My Hubba Hubba's contribution to our spring decor!
How do you decorate for spring?