Friday, May 4, 2012

May the 4th be with You - Ultimate Star Wars Party!

I have alluded a few times in previous posts that I'm sort of a dork, nerd, geek, whatever. I have pants with "GEEK" across the butt...okay I have 2 pairs...I'm not sure you believed me... I played World of Warcraft for like 7 years...and my account is still active. I also maintain an active Star Wars: The Old Republic gaming account. I love gaming, but have found zero time for it since the formation of my all encompassing blog posts and DIY addiction.
So what's a DIY dork to do? Embrace both! So we threw a Star Wars themed May the 4th be with You party! Ooooohhh yes! It was sort of last minute (like everything I do!) so there were no costumes. Sadly, I sold our Star Wars costumes we wore a few  years back...

P.S. if I never post again it's because Hubba Hubba murdered me after posting the above photos. Anyway, this party served as a way for me to embrace my DIY-ness and dorkey-ness all in one!

Le Menu
Yoda Soda
Jedi Juice
Wookie Cookies & Bantha Milk
Han Burgers with Sith Sauce
Ewoks (gummy bears)
Kenobi's Kielbasa
Darth Dogs 
Licorice Lightsabers
Death Star Donuts

So what's a girl to do at a late night bbq when she's full on all of the above? Have a Star Wars Marathon, of course! The movies were actually playing during the entire party.

P.S. my ringtone is Star Wars Metal & my texts say "Message from the dark side you have!"