Monday, May 7, 2012

Prim & Proper Black Peacock Feather Accent Table

I love how this little table came out! This is my first piece that I painted black, and let me tell you...I'll be using paint and primer in one or a dark primer. I never thought I'd have so much trouble covering the white primer! So here is the before:
So the steps for this table in a nutshell: sand, prime, paint black, I hand painted the peacock feathers using a small brush and gold acrylic paint, mixed a glaze using the same gold paint and dry glazed the entire table to give gold undertones, polycrylic the top for protection!
The peacock feathers make a bold statement, but I have to say that I think my favorite part of this table are the gold undertones! The paint is shimmery and it glistens in the sunlight! It's sooo pretty! I didn't have to change the knob because the original one was the perfect combination of gold and black! I was thrilled how well it went with the table.
Ohhh, ahhh, shimmery!
I actually ran across my inspiration for this table at an antique store. Here's the table that gave me the idea for the gold undertones. I also love the little stamped pattern on the right! Cute, cute!
 The inside of the drawer was fugley. It had all sorts of stains and blemishes, but it also had dovetail joints and an awesome furniture manufacturer's stamp! So I decided to cover just the bottom of the drawer with a subtle peacock feather patterned wallpaper. (I used this on a filing cabinet, too!) I used the gold glaze over top of the paper so it would match a little better.
Not the best photo, but it shows the pretty gold undertones really well!
Look how cute next to your favorite chair!
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