Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Project Preview: Laundry Doors & Vanity

Happy Tuesday everyone! Aren't you happy Monday's over? Well maybe not, it was a holiday after all. Anyhoo, as usual I have a bazillion things that I want to do and I've wasted a lot of time planning things that won't come to fruition for a long time.
So this week I want to accomplish painting the laundry room doors and redo this cute vanity/desk. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you'd have already seen a preview of her and know that she was FREE! Just in case you're being stubborn about following me on the aforementioned websites, here she is again. :P She looks like somebody tried to make her pretty, then gave up.

Here are my lovely laundry closet doors. Don't you just love that shade of trailer park brown wood grain?
I'm entertaining the idea of painting all the trim and doors in the hallway...but that's like one of my  least favorite things to do for some reason. So, I'm not trying to get too overzealous! However, I have something special in store for those laundry closet doors...
Well, time to throw on some clothes and head my  no makeup, wet haired self to Goodwill. I think it's 50% off all furniture today! #rubshandstogethergreedily!