Sunday, May 27, 2012

Turquoise Dining Chairs

So if you follow me on Facebook (and if you don't do eet nao!), you saw the picture I posted yesterday of all the stuff I was trying to peddle at the 4th Street Market. I guess you can consider it a slight speak peak because I had lots of stuff for sale that I haven't blogged about yet. So, here is the first of those items!
These chairs were double ick. It was only after I got them home did I notice the food crumbs and french fries wedged in between the cushion and chair back. Hmm, that statement might lead you to believe that would have changed my mind about buying them. On the contrary, I was hungry...  ;) Anyway, they were gross and old lady and well loved...but not well taken care of! That's where I come in. So, I finally found a before picture...
I had these chairs sitting for a while before I did anything with them. When I bought them I didn't have a plan, they just had good bones. When I was browsing fabric one day, I ran across this pretty blue and tan floral fabric. I instantly thought of 2 things at once (look at me multitasking!): this pair of chairs and Krylon's Ocean Breeze paint. I see Ocean Breeze saturating blogland, and it always looks so pretty on everyone's projects. I've sort of been itching to try it. Part of the delay is they don't carry that color where I normally get my paint. Well, I finally found it! I have to say, I was a little disappointed. It just didn't look like it does I passed it up....because right next to it was another color I had yet to meet. It is called Bahama Sea. Side by side that color won my  heart hands down over the Ocean Breeze. So, I snagged several cans and immediately ran to get that fabric that had neglected to buy since I hadn't discovered those spray paint colors yet.

So, they underwent my usual painting transformation. Remove old cushions, clean thoroughly with a deglosser, prime with KILZ, and paint with my new Bahama Sea. I never keep track of my number of coats. I just spray until it looks good. Sometimes I have to backtrack because I'll get a piece in the house...then, thanks to the better light, see a spot I missed. After all the painting, I dry glazed all of those pretty details on the backs of the chairs. I also went over the flat parts a bit for more depth. While that was drying, I stapled the new fabric onto the chair cushions. A simple transformation that can be done in a day!
Closeup of the pretty glazing detail!
I love these chairs! They would look perfect as captain's chairs at each end of a dinner table. They'd be the cutest desk chair on the block. Or just stick them in a corner for some extra seating and fun. :)
Yes that's a price tag on the right chair!

Tickle  your toosh with these tantalizing chairs! Available in my "shop".

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