Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yay I won!

I have been featured a handful of times ahem only twice before, but for some reason my recent feature on Tales of a Trophy Wife was so exciting! Maybe it's because she commented under my post "Congrats! You won!" OMG I WON! YAAAY! That's sort of exactly what I did IRL (for those of you  non gamey lingoey people, IRL = in real life). This is more exciting than Diablo III that came out last night at midnight! #GEEKINGOUT

Now I have another button to add to my "I'm Popular...?" page. I have the question mark there, since my feature buttons are so few and lonely. But hey, I am very proud of my features! They make me all warm and fuzzy inside!

So in case you missed my feature worthy Prim and Proper Peacock Table, you should totally check it out! Also, check out the ETSY shop she sponsors (to which I won a $25 credit it seems!!!) Lemon Squeezies. She is a whole lot of awesome because she hosts a weekly linky party and giveaway to the winner, ahem me ;)

Tales of a Trophy Wife