Friday, June 8, 2012

Chevron Paint Stick Art

I'm a terrible blogger. I know. I post infrequently...not because I don't do projects! Although, I admit to being very lazy....I have lots of projects that I have completed that have yet to be posted about! ...and lots of projects that I need to complete.

This DIY chevron wall art I did a while back. Acutally, come to think of it, I had it done for my May the 4th be with You Star Wars Party! So, yeah, it's been done since the beginning of May. The whole thing only cost me $10 - 5 for each canvas. I got them on an uber 60% off sale! This is super simple, the worst part is the cutting! My hand was sooo tired that it turned into a 2 day process. ;)

So you will need:
1. canvas in your size choice
2. crap ton of paint sticks
3. paint colors of your choice
4. hot glue
5. miter saw of some sort

That's not so bad right? :)

This will be a thousand times easier for you if you have an electric miter saw. I did mine by hand. Although, I hear the big electric ones don't cut as precisely - so that might be something you want to consider.

Step 1: Approximate the size you want your zig zag to be. Honestly, I did no measuring here. I cut enough sticks for one row, then just played with trimming off excess until they fit perfectly. Then I used one of those as a size template for the rest of my cuts. I know, I'm super scientific!

Step 2: You'll want to trim any fraying on the edges of the cut sticks. I just used scissors to snip off the ends.

I had some from Home Depot and Lowe's. Mostly from Lowe's since that store is close for me. I will say that the Home Depot ones frayed SIGNIFICANTLY LESS. So given the choice to do this again - I'd make the drive to Homie D for the better sticks. :)

Step 3: Do a dry fit on your canvas so that you know which pieces fit together best. Then paint your rows in the color combinations of your choice. Mine took 2 coats, and primer was not necessary.

Step 4: Once the paint is fully dried. Do a second dry fit to get your spacing correct and have it laid out exactly as you like it. Connect your sticks on the ends with hot glue. I did one row, then glued it down, then moved to the next. Make sure to space it accordingly before you glue a row down...that hot glue does NOT like coming off the canvas....

Step 5: Once everything is glued together and down, just pull off any of those pesky hot glue strings.

P.S. if the frayed edges of the sticks really bother you,  you could always use wood filler to make the surface even. I'm way too impatient for that, and I like how it came out. :)

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