Friday, June 15, 2012

Name Change...?

Change, it is a commin'...maybe. No, I'm not getting married. Hubba Hubba would kill me and use my blood for the next furniture project! ;) But seriously, I'm considering changing the name of my blog. I've mentioned several times that I'm extremely impatient....and that sort of plays a factor in my blog name. I decided that I wanted to blog, so blog I did! I used the first unique name that came to mind that I liked. Y'all can read a little about my blog name choice in the Meet Ansley section. I used to snicker when people couldn't pronounce my blog name...but, as it turns out, that does not make for good word of mouth advertising!!!

So, I'm hoping to come up with something that's not such a tongue twister! I figure since my blog is so young (only 5 months-ish) and I don't have a ton of followers (</3, I know) that it might not be such a big deal. It would be a hassle on my part as far as changing all of my little HTML code links, button, banner, watermarks (ugh!), post editing, etc etc - but I'm hoping that I'd maintain the following that I currently enjoy...and maybe some new ones!!

I'm leaning toward something with "Racy" in it because, well, it fits me. Y'all might not know this, but I have a very raunchy and inappropriate sense of humor. I always take advantage of a well timed "that's what she said" or "giggity!" I hope I have done well to keep it out of my blog, since I don't want to offend anyone! Talk about subscriber suicide!!! Also, I think that racy describes a lot of my projects. I tend to redo vintage pieces with a modern twist, and I strive to let each piece have its own, very unique flair.

But then again, maybe Racy isn't a good choice. Maybe I'll still be blogging when I'm 50 and a grandma, with all my grand kids ROFLcopter-ing at me for calling myself "racy". In that case, perhaps I should consider some synonms for racy, such as vivacious, saucy, spicy (mmm I am from the Louisiana after all!), or fiery.

Some of my potential, maybe, if I change my blog name thoughts are:

  1. Racy Restorations.
  2. Racy Renewals. And how fun that the abbreviations for these would be R&R...I think I'm selling myself on the idea!
  3. Racy Revivals. I like this one, but it reminds me too much of awesome Mandi @ Vintage Revivals...and I do not want to be mistaken for a copycat. :)
  4. Vivacious Vintage or Vivaciously Vintage. Hinting at the modern touches that I give to vintage furniture. Since, let's face it, furniture is like 85% of what I post about!
  5. Fiery Finds. Maybe that one isn't so cool after all...
  6. Fiery & Frugal. I guess frugal is nicer than saying I'm cheap...cuz I totally am!

I think Vivaciously Vintage might be at the top of my list. It's funny how, just blogging about all of my thoughts allows them to randomly come together. Not to mention, that name would make an awesome shop name. Hubba Hubba's dream is to own a bar, I want a little shop...I told him we could just buy a building and split it. :) Mine could be Vivaciously Vintage, and his could be Bodacious Brews!!! Ah, but that's a dream for another day!

Ahem...just trying it on for size. :) But while we're at it..which button do you like best???

While I admit to being a lover of change and having commitment issues...I promise not to change my blog name ever again every 5 months!

I might have, sort of, maybe made my mind up already. However, I'd still love to know what you think about, not only the names themselves (new ideas are appreciated, too!), but also the whole concept of changing my blog name. Don't forget to consider how young my blog is! It's not even crawling yet!!!