Friday, June 22, 2012

New Blog Name in Effect!

So, this name changing thing is harder than I thought! I mean, everything on my end is going pretty smoothly. I updated the URL to That was easy since I had never purchased the custom domain name through Blogger. So, I made the $10 leap, and sweet Blogger is now directing everything from the original blog name to the new one. Awesome because that means no dead/non working links at all! 
New button!
I'm constantly updating my blog post images with ones that have the new watermark (slowly but surely!). I also updated everything on the blog's main areas, such as the banner, button, etc. I changed the URL for Twitter and created a new Facebook page. I wish Facebook was as kind as Twitter to let me just update the URL because let me tell you, getting people to like my new Facebook is not easy! I mean, I didn't have a bajillion followers on Facebook to begin with, but I luv them all! I went from like 50something on Fabulousified's Facebook, to a mere 19 on the new Vivaciously Vintage's page. What is extra frustrating is that Fabulousified is getting new people that like that page! While I am extremely grateful, I do  not want to lose anyone. I realize it is early in the  name change game, but how long should I wait before I delete Fabulousified's Facebook page? I was thinking about 2 weeks.
New watermark!
I feel like I'm not even reaching everyone with the information about my new Facebook, since apparently you do not see everyone's updates on your home page anymore - only those people that you interact with frequently. Maybe that's just hearsay.

I do not want to lose a single follower because I ♥ each and every one of you, but I don't regret my blog name change. I hope you love it as much as I do!!! :)