Friday, June 29, 2012

The Perfect Desks!

Well the time has FINALLY come!!! Our office is getting a much needed makeover! This room is the FIRST one that you walk into in our home...and it is the worst room downstairs! It's always messy, our desks don't match...or even coordinate! There's always papers all over them because we don't have any storage drawers. You'll notice that this room was too embarrassing to post in the "Home Sweet Home" section of our page. Well that's about to change....
Here is the VERY before.

Here's the way it's been for about a year.
His desk is the nice, big on on the left. Mine is the crappy little Walmart one on the right! That's fair, right? Well, he had his desk before I came along - so I guess it's okay. 

Overall, the office is a nice space. It's a good size, has 2 sets of generously sized windows, I like my paint job and stenciling...that's pretty much where it ends!!!

Nothing has been done to change it yet, except painting, which I did a long time ago. I won't be changing the walls because I like them..the changes are all going to be furniture related. I found the desks I wanted a while back...but I refused to buy them unless they were on sale. Well now they are! I just completed my order for 2 of these fantastic desks. I can't decide if I want to show them to you or not...Okay, here they are, just in case you want to get in on the sale action, too! ...I just won't tell you which of the 3 colors I chose, so it can still be a surprise!

Part of the problem for us with finding computer desks was we each had our own must haves. He refused to consider anything that was not solid wood. I refused to consider anything without drawers and a cabinet for our computer towers. Doesn't sound too demanding, does it? Well the problem was the size of the CPU cabinets. I think I've mentiond before what a dork I am, and that Hubba Hubba and I are gamers. Well, our CPU's reflect that. Both are good and larger than normal, but his tower is GIANT! I mean, it's almost 2 feet tall! So, as  you can imagine, the standard sized cubby on most desks would not hold our computers! These desks have 3 drawers on the right (yay now I can hide all my paper clutter!) and the left side boasts faux drawers...and the whole thing opens up as a CPU cabinet! I'd be astonished (and heart broken) if it doesn't fit his computer....and if it doesn't, I'll just make him get a new tower! lol.

It's so huge, we use it as a table for that lamp!!!

So step 1 of the office makeover is in the works. I ordered a pair of the desks, and I can't wait for them to arrive!!! ...except that whole part where I have to put them together....Hubba Hubba would be out to sea and get out of helping!!! However, we have to get rid of our old desks before we can put both of these together...if that takes a while...he might end up having to help after all!
The best part is these desks are on sale...and still cheaper than some of the non solid wood desks that you get at Office Depot, etc. I'm so excited!!!