Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Not So Perfect Desks

Yes my tower is sitting on boards...I don't want it to overheat from sitting on the carpet!

I posted a bit ago about the "perfect" desks that I ordered, which kicked off our office makeover. I guess I should know by now that every seems perfect from far away. Why can't my visions ever just work out!? Anyhow, if you'll notice in the photos where the computer towers are...yes on the floor! STILL! The cabinet was plenty tall enough, like I never even occurred to me to think about the depth of the towers. Hubba Hubba's is so big it barely fits under the desk! I have mine sideways towards to back, so it doesn't bother me too much. Not to mention it'll be hidden when the chairs are in place. They're in the garage right now getting a makeover...

Second fail: the keyboard tray is not big enough to hold the keyboard and mouse! Now if I was just at my computer for like an hour a day or something, then I guess that wouldn't matter. But we play video games, I blog, I search for inspiration, I live at the computer! So, I just invested in a smaller keyboard without a number pad....kinda sucks when I had a Razer keyboard. 

That is one well used mouse!!!

Overall I like them. They looked just like I expected and way better than the miss matches desks we had. And did I mention the drawers!!??? I love having drawers I can just cram my stuff in! I may, or may not, have shoved a bunch of stuff in the drawers so the desktops would be clear for the pictures. ;)

Speaking of desktops...mine is scratched already! I could die. I'm going to call the company and say that the desktop was warped and I need another one. It actually was warped a bit, but I was able to assemble it and was just going to deal with it. I think I know exactly what scratched it...the spiral part of my notebook! I mean am I going to be able to use these desks a all without killing them? I'm seriously considering putting a coat of polycrylic on both desktops. Might not be such a bad idea...
Come to think of it...that's perfect! I can use my scratched desktop as shelves! Just slice it down the center horizontally! :) 

I still have a lot to do to make me love this office. We need desk lamps, decor, I think I'll do a big shelf on the wall above them.

I think next time I'll just build my own desks! Hubba is sort of against too much DIY. Example, I told him I wanted to build a self for above the computer desks out of a door...his response: "Why can't we just get something that is supposed to be a shelf instead of making things into things they're not supposed to be like we are too poor to afford anything?" My response: "Because I can't make a blog post about normal shelves!" Duh! lol
P.S. Mr. Clean magic eraser fixed my desktop scratches!!!