Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tales of a Teeny (Turquoise) Table

This cute little table has replaced another cute little table in between my two favorite chairs. Not that I don't love the other one anymore, but I really liked that this one was a little bigger and had a shelf at the bottom. The previous table was doing good to just hold some coasters!!! Here's the before of my new table. Not so bad. Not so good...

So,  I picked up this little table at Goodwill the other day for, I think, $6. Now, I have been dying to get some red into my decor! So basically the color scheme would be blue, gold, red, and neutrals (white & brown). However, I haven't been able to find any one piece to coordinate all the colors together, and decor (as far as putting an entire room together) is not my strong point. It makes my head hurt, but I crave it so much! lol So, I painted this baby red! If you follow me on Facebook, then you've already seen this photo. Some of you gave me great advise on how to make the red work, but I was unable to find pillows I liked to tie it all together.

So, I have given up on red (again - maybe!). Then I repainted this baby turquoise, *cough same color as our *cough* vintage computer chairs *cough*. Ahem, excuse me. ;) You can see my painting process here. I left her in all her bright glory for a day or so, then decided she needed a good glazing to simma down a bit! She was a little too excited! Can you see what a difference glazing makes?

And here she is in her new home!!! I heart her and the extra knick knack space she gives. She has space for me to store a basket full of vintage books. I love it when I find a home for all those things I buy because I know I'll use them one day!!! That basket used to hold the doggy toys (sorry boys!), and I can't decide if I should paint it or leave it as is. If I paint it, it will likely be a golden yellow or white...but I'm sort of digging the nod to the natural!

Look at those gorgeous glazing details!!! I'm thrilled with how it came out! The top almost looks like wood grain or (/gasp) zebra wood! lol

The view from our front door. I fell in love with these chairs from Pier 1, and they served as the base for my entire downstairs decor! Check out that delish peek-a-boo fabric detailing on the back! How's that for a first impression???

At the end of the day I got my pop of red, albeit on a much smaller scale. What do  y'all think?

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