Thursday, August 9, 2012

Above the Refridgerator Decor

Our kitchen is weird and it doesn't have any cabinets above the fridge. So, I've been on the lookout for ideas of what to put up there! I loved the idea of using clear jars with pretty labels that stored necessities like cereal, flour, etc. However, that's quite a reach to the top of the fridge! Especially for kiddo to reach the cereal. I bought an Eiffel Tower shaped wine holder. Love that idea for up there, but alas, it was too tall! Why can't I have 12 foot ceilings again??? So, it finally dawned on me one day...and the best part is it was FREE!
I bought all these vases at TJ Maxx a while back...and I bought so many because they were on super clearance for like $3-4 each! I snagged them all thinking that I might resell them one day. Until now, they have just been dispersed throughout our home. The vintage oil lamps were from Goodwill for $1 each. They're always good to have around!
Here's our kitchen pre-abovethefridge decor. :)
I think they are just what the top of our fridge needed! They all go together so well, and there were just enough to fill the space  perfectly! Aside from having cabinets up there, this is the next best thing! I love it when I find a purpose for the things that I buy with the idea that "I'll use them someday!" Take that Hubba Hubba...I do need everything I buy! ;)
Sometimes it's small things that make me happy. I guess because I get to do a lot of them! lol What free decor changes have you been able to make in your home?