Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Duncan Phyfe Table & Upholstered Chairs

Some of you  may recognize this table from my Facebook page. I posted a photo not long after I got him. He was a mere $50...had 3 leaves that extend to a whopping 8 feet! "Oh Duncan, what BIG...feet you have!" 
He was a little banged up, but overall in good shape. I'm planning on making him strip one day and staining him darker. ;) In the mean time, I used Howard's Restor a Finish and some wax. He looks much better.
Restor a Finish on the left, untreated on the right!
Here he is in all his extended glory!
I don't think I've ever shown our dining nook, so here is what it looked before:
The whole reason I was in the market for a new table (besides that I didn't really like the one that Hubba Hubba brought to the relationship) is because I am hosting a pseudo Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner for Hubba since he is deploying and will miss all the holidays, again. So there's actually like 8-10 people coming for dinner...that's the most I've ever hosted...ever! So I'm excited about it. I always want to entertain, but it's not a skill I was ever taught and I haven't done it much. It always seems near impossible to get everyone together. So, this will likely be quite the learning experience!
Anyway, I got the table for cheap, but then didn't have any chairs to go with it since our original dining table was pub height. I started searching Craigslist. I immediately found the chairs I wanted, but they were $300! Now considering there were 6 of them, that's a good deal compared to new...but not such a good deal for what I normally pay on Craigslist. What's a girl to do? Internet stalk them for a couple of weeks until her husband relents and says she can have them! I guess he got tired of me showing him the same chairs. hehe. I ended up getting them for $200 - and they are FABULOUS! Just what I needed in there, and they have tufting on them similar to our sectional! But that's a post for another day!
Now I just need 2 captain's chairs for each end of the table. I want something extra special. I might end up splurging on some fancy ones. We shall see. Maybe good ole Craig has a fantastic deal in store for me!
What happened to our old table? Well, out of necessity (no where else to put it!) I moved it to the center of our kitchen...and I really like it there! It's like a free island! It'd be more ideal if it were rectangular, but for now it's working out well! It'll also come in handy as the kids table for our pseudo Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner! Perfect! We might get a real island one day with seating...but then I'd have to get rid of my cute buffet, then where would I put my new teacup lamp!?
And here he is handsome!