Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Easiest, Most Delicious Salmon EVER!

Welcome to the flavor train! I'll warn you, this is very flavorful fish. I love it because, just ask Hubba Hubba, I always have to add extra something to my food. I like a lot of flavor so I'm always adding extra salt, Slap Ya Mamma, or some type of dip to my dinner plate. However, this salmon fills the flavor bill! It also helps that it's ridiculously EASY and FAST!
I found this recipe on all recipes, but I'll share it here with you!
1 tbs garlic powder
1 tbs dried basil
1/2 tbs salt
4 (6oz) salmon filets
2 tbs butter
4 lemon wedges (optional)
  1. Melt the butter in a skillet over medium heat. 
  2. While the butter melts, stir together the dry ingredients in a bowl, and rub all over the salmon filets. I just pinch some with my fingers on top of a filet, then rub it all around. :)
  3. Add salmon to the pan and cook until browned, usually about 5 minutes per side. If desired, garnish with a lemon wedge.
Cookin' in the pan!
I have never 'garnished with a lemon wedge', but I have sprinkled the filets with a little lemon juice. It is delicious with the lemon and without. I usually do not add the juice, simply because I forget!