Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Paris French Fleur de Lis Jewelry Box

I redid this jewelry box for a friend who, oddly enough, I met on Craigslist. No, I didn't post an ad offering to pay for friendship! :P She actually bought my Eiffel Tower table. Isn't it funny how you meet people? Anyway her home's theme is Paris, so I did up her jewelry box to match!
Take a look at the before!
I painted her white and tried out a new transfer method that was much easier than the one I used for the Eiffel Tower table. I like the faded look it gives - makes it looked authentic and aged! I got both of my French graphics from the Graphics Fairy. I also "etched" those fleur de lis on the glass using glass frosting spray and a contact paper stencil.
What do you think? I think she loves it! :)
I've had several people telling me that I should start signing my I signed the back of her box. Is that silly? At any rate, it's a fun thought!
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  1. That came out great!


  2. such a unique piece...Just love the clean fresh contemporary white look up against the vintage graphics! love my new revitalized jewelry box! Thank you. ;]

  3. I love it (and the table too). The whole thing is pretty but the side "Paris" is my favorite part of it. Nice work!

  4. What a sweet jewelry box! And I love that you signed it!

    1. Yay, I guess I'll have to start signing everything. Imagine my stuff in an antique store one day after I'm dead..."It's an Ansley original!" lol

  5. Spero tu possa tradurre o capire quello che ti scrvo!!!
    Ciao sono Claudia, è stupendo il tuo portagioie, mi puoi dire dove hai trovato le scritte? le cerco datempo!
    Ti seguirò con interesse, sei bravissima! A presto Claudia.

    1. Ciao Claudia. Sono stato in grado di interpretare il tuo commento! Ho ottenuto il trasferimento parole alla fata di grafica. Fornito un link alla sua pagina all'interno del post. Sono contento che piaccia!

  6. When I saw the first one I thought it will size bigger but on your hand it's really resembling a treasure box. I think, it can be beautiful gift to my daughter for her.