Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lace Lampshades @ Goodwill!

Oh my goodness! I think I'm going to DIE! I'm all fluttery on the inside! I found these beauties at Goodwill for  $11! One was priced at $5 the other at $6 - they were stuck out on different days so priced by different people, I suppose. I immediately wanted them because they reminded me of a lamp that I liked from Pier1. Enter excitement and asking Hubba Hubba if we could get them. YES! 
Then we get home and I pull up the Pier1 lamp that I liked so much, but didn't want to pay $75 for (it's on sale now, though)...and I'll be bamboozled if they are not the SAME FREAKING LAMPSHADE! That just makes it even better! Although, before I knew they were Pier1 I was kind of digging the idea that they were vintage granny shades who's style just happened to be being brought back by Pier1. I love them regardless of their origin!
Now I just need to find lamps for them. I like the clear that Pier1 has them paired with. Maybe I'll head back to that Goodwill and see if the lamps turn up! Otherwise, I'm perfectly happy with finding them a mate. I'm planning on putting them in our master bedroom, which hasn't been touched decor wise at all....maybe this will be the starting point!!! I know, I know...I should finish decorating the half finished downstairs before I move on to another room. I swear  have ADDD (Attention Deficit Decorating Disorder)!
P.S. They were still wrapped in the plastic!!!!! Can you believe that!