Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My badroom, ahem, I mean bedroom...

Normally I'd never post a photo without at least cleaning up the space...but this is how it is all of the time. The rooms that are "completed" in our home are kept pretty neat because, well, I like them! That gives me motivation to keep them tidy and pretty. Not this room. I NEVER make the bed and pile my clothes everywhere...I'm not even sure when I washed the sheets last! This is definitely not where the "magic" happens...

No wonder Hubba Hubba left me for 8 months!! Even the naked, headless mistress couldn't get him to stay. Just kidding, he deployed...but wouldn't that be awesome to have the room beautiful when he gets home? And clean sheets, those too! ;)
How can I compete with her? I mean she doesn't have a head...isn't that every man's dream come true - a naked woman who never talks??? lol
 Yes, my window coverings suck. Even when they are described to the beat of the Don't Cha by the Pussycat Dolls.
 This is the best (really the worst) part. I mean, I don't even poop in the house when Hubba Hubba is home! (TMI?) I think have him convinced that girls don't do that (If you're reading this, baby...girls don't do that!)...3 years and holding strong! you can imagine how I feel about not having a bathroom door... Yep. No bathroom door - how's that for ghettofied?
The bathroom is half finished. It's like the workers went for a smoke break and just never came back. Only one sink, when there's plenty of room for a second. No bathtub; it should be where the shower is...and an empty "nook" (?) where they should have put the shower! Oh yeah, and no door. Did you know I asked for a door for Christmas? Didn't happen, just like that blow torch I wanted for Mother's Day. :(
My {lame} excuses: Our bedroom is one of the rooms in the house that I haven't laid a finger on. This is partly because it's upstairs and easy to hide, partly because I don't know what to do with it (it's pretty large and oddly shaped), partly because I just want to throw everything away and start over, but there's not that much $ in the budget - which is non existent. ;) 

So why on earth would I post this crapola??? Well....
{Tune: Goodies by Ciara} "I want an epic bedroom, I have thought lots about it. I'd get all hot and bothered, if you chose me have it! If you're looking for a bedroom to make over, don't cha look anymore. Woah-Oh, Oh, Ooo, Oh uh oooo!"
I would have actually sang it for you, but then you wouldn't pick me! ::wink:: lol...maybe I'll post a video of me singing it! Maybe...

To Mandilicious and the sponsors:
We have been trying, unsuccessfully, for years to have a baby, and I blame this bedroom! It's so uninspiring and ugly that nothing magical happens! So, for the sake of the Buckley boodline - LET ME WIN THE EPIC ROOM MAKEOVER GIVEAWAY!!! Ahem, sorry for yelling at you in print. ;)

 I'd be totally cool if you just did the bedroom, but I posted the bathroom also - just in case...but a bathroom door is on my must have list! Our space is structurally sound, and I'm a crazy DIYer so we could finish a day early and go sight seeing in Seattle! Although, y'all would have to stay in the guest room so we can work 'round the clock! May the biggest loser win.

P.S. Our bedroom is a GIANT loser times infinity.
P.SS. Lowe's and Krylon....just remember how much $ I spend when we're together, you could stand to return the favor!!
PP.SS. Now y'all know about my secret habit. I use the beat to whatever song pops into my head and change the lyrics. It's pretty impressive! I do it for the dogs all the time...they love it! lol

Please, please, please EVERYONE take pity on me, and go to Vintage Revivals and vote for our bedroom to win! Voting is September 7-14th!!! Don't worry, I'll remind you daily to vote! lol


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