Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Anniversary Love Story, Part 2: Engagement & Wedding

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He bought my engagement ring 3 months after I moved in with him, but he held onto it for over a year! February 2010 we transferred to Washington State, and I was still just the girlfriend. He was out to sea for a couple of months, and I was unhappy. So he sent me flowers...every day, for almost a week.
Then, late one night, I'm on the computer (where else, right!?) and I hear someone trying to come inside. Naturally, I was scared stiff...the door opens....and it's him! How is that possible - the ship wasn't coming back for a couple of more weeks! He hugged me, said how much he'd missed down on one knee and told me that he wanted to spend the rest of our lives together! 
 We set the date for a mere 5 months away because he was going out to sea. I spent those next months glued to the computer drooling over wedding dresses, table settings, and everything for the big day! I managed to change my mind about the wedding colors halfway through! They ended up being teal and red - with peacock feathers!
Because of the short time frame, there was not much DIY involved in the wedding. Also, I hadn't really discovered my  knack for it yet! The only DIY items were the vases I made for the smaller centerpieces, the table numbers and names. Although our wedding favors were DIY - sort of. His fabulous aunt is a glass artist, and she was gracious enough to offer to make teal coasters for each guest!

September 18, 2010 we were married in my hometown in Louisiana at the Cathedral where I always envisioned that I'd be married! I was lucky enough to have my father walk me down the aisle before he passed away the following January. 
Everything went well. We had mass during the ceremony, and we were very excited to officially start our new life as husband and wife!
The wedding and reception were very intimate. My sisters were the bridesmaids, and Hubba Hubba had his brother and best friend. Of course kiddo was the ring bearer, and my two nieces were the flower girls. 
 Our first dance was to "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You" by Elvis Presley. It was a nod to how foolishly everyone though we rushed into the relationship. "Some things are just meant to be."
I remember laughing and being silly though our whole first dance, but I don't remember what was so funny! :)
He even gave me a little twirl at the end!
Kiddo's idea of dancing was me holding him and swinging him around!
The reception was a blast! The table settings were divine, and the food and drinks were overflowing! We had a full course meal, which was delish, but my corset dress was so tight I hardly ate any of it...and let me tell you - I'm an eater! 
My family is very laid back and my sisters are a little wild (like me)! Let's just say that the last song at our wedding was "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix A Lot! It went a little something like this:
May we continue to have the same type of lighthearted, slightly inappropriate, fun for the rest of our lives!

Happy Anniversary, my Sun & Stars - we have a lifetime of more to actually spend together!
P.S. Thank you for the Silhouette machine! Your ❤ knows mine like no one else!

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