Thursday, September 20, 2012

DIY Chalkboard Menu

I say menu, but I primarily use it to keep track of food items that I need to pick up on the next grocery trip. However, I did use it as a menu during my "Pseudo Holiday Dinner" as seen below.
This was relatively simple to make. You can get more creative with your design, or even simplify it more than mine is. Totally up to you. I found this wooden plaque at Goodwill, it was one of those items that was a really good deal, so I bought thinking "I'll do something with this one day!" Well that day finally came!
This piece basically followed all the steps in my spray painting tutorial. Wipe the piece down and spray the whole thing with primer.
 To make things easy, I just brushed the blue on around the edges. It took 2 coats of paint.
Oops, I'd already started taping for the next step!
After that paint is fully dry, begin taping off whatever design you want for your "frame". I wanted a small red stripe in the middle and larger one on the curved portion of the plaque. Then spray that red (or whatever color you choose!).
While the red is still tacky, carefully remove the tape. Once the red has fully dried, retape your piece to begin painting the chalkboard in the center. Be sure and cover all of your pretty handy work so it is not messed up! I also used chalkboard spray paint, but it comes in a can as well and would be just as easy to roll it on in this step. However, the can isn't as quick and says you must wait 24 hours in between coats. So I opt for the spray can for smaller projects like this one.
Remove your tape one last time and admire your handiwork! Speaking of tape, be sure to use painter's tape for DELICATE SURFACES since your paint has not had time to fully cure! This tape should be used on any surface that has been painted within the last 30 days! Otherwise, your paint will peel up in some places. Don't ask me how I know.... :) Of course you can use the regular stuff if you want to wait 30 days!
Always prime any new chalkboard surface before use. Take a piece of chalk, lay it down, and color the entire surface with it's side. Your chalkboard is now ready for menus, grocery lists, greetings, etc!
It even has the perfect ledge for holding a piece of chalk at the top!