Monday, September 3, 2012

Emerald Green & Leopard Piano Bench

Yay for day 3 of September's 7 Days of Seating! Who said it would only be chairs?
Cute little piano or storage bench remade with this killer combo that makes me swoon! Leopard print and emerald green? Yes please... Actually, emerald green and anything I'm crushing on right now! 
It was pretty simple to recreate. Just spray the bench with your emerald green, reupholster the top portion with the leopard, and reattach it to your freshly painted (dry of course!) bench! 
I love how you can see the wood-grain on the inside!
Sadly, this is one of my projects that sat around half finished for months. Why? Because I always try to make everything harder than it has to be! I was blindly trying to find the old screw holes through the new fabric instead of just using my drill to make new ones. *sigh* oh well it finally dawned on me yesterday to do it that way, now you can see the finished product!
This is so cute! It'd be perfect at a vanity or a small entry seat. But, if there's anything I've learned from blogging it's that nothing has to be used for its intended purpose! So, throw some books or a tray on there and use it as a table!
See you tomorrow!

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