Sunday, September 2, 2012

His & Hers Vintage Computer Chairs

Day 2 of September's Seven Days of Seating! Today you get two chairs instead of just one! You must have been extra good. ;)

Can you believe I bought these babies separately? They are not a perfect match - one is slightly larger than the other - but I think that adds to the charm! The bigger one is 'his' and the smaller one is 'hers'. Just need one more tiny one and we'd be the 3 Goldilocks allowed for the breakage!!!

 If you follow Vivaciously Vintage on Facebook you'd have seen this before photo as a teaser!
I covered the casters with painters tape, then primed and painted these just like I do every other piece. Then I used some black glaze to highlight the grooves and imperfections! :)
 They look so cute at our desks! Hubba Hubba hates them because they're smaller than our old ones, and he thinks they're uncomfortable. So, I'll be keeping them for the next 8 months - I told him we could look for some new ones that he thought were comfy (that I approve of aesthetically) when he gets back from deployment. In the mean time I love them and I'll be keeping 'em as long as I can! 
Now if only I could find some white seat cushions. All anyone seems to have is tan! Until then, my butt is rocking an awesome zebra striped pillow! ...actually it's not really that awesome.
Now about our desks. I obviously need some more accessories on them, but I can't decide if I like that brown box in the center. It's Hubba's Chief's something. Is it sad I don't know the name? Anyway I want to keep his Navy accomplishment items on display because I am proud of him, and the office seems like the logical place for those type of things. However, I'm having a hard time finding a spot where they look good. I also have 2 plaques of his that need a home.
At any rate, I'm loving our chairs and the entire set up so far! Such an improvement compared to what we had before!
Come back tomorrow to see more awesomeness for your toosh! ;)
Update, here they are a little more finished in the room!