Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pink Houndstooth & Chalkboard Chair

Welcome to day 1 in September's Seven Days of Seating!!!
This little chair was actually one of my own. We had two of them, and they were used for a while in our office. Since then, they have found new being a Queen or MEEE - or really whatever else she decides to become! Before, she was just plain boring black.
I painted her up nicely, using these steps, and did some light distressing. I love how the white of the primer and the black original color shows through! I used chalkboard paint on the insets of the chair's back, so you could write on the front and the back if you chose. I used some fabric leftover from the pink desk set for the seat.
And here she is from the front! I only used the chalkboard paint on the front of the chair for continuity. I don't think writing on the front is very practical for seating purposes! But hey, it's a Queen's prerogative to write wherever she wants to on her chair!!!
Hope you enjoyed day 1. Stay tuned all this week for more!

 photo SmallShortStalker_zps7374fe78.jpg