Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Teacher Gift Idea: Chalkboard and Ruler Flower Pot

So I guess I should have posted this BEFORE the first day of school, but if I did anything on time then I wouldn't be me! Lol. Plus, she's not getting it until today anyhow. I have to pick kiddo up from school and bring it because he's too embarrassed to give it to her himself. He doesn't want his friends to know he's sweet, I guess! Ah, boys.
Anyway, overall this was a quick and simple DIY gift! Take your flower pot and spray the top portion and the bottom plate a yellowish gold. I also painted the inside of the pot yellow, that way once the plant dies she can use it as a pencil holder, candy dish, or whatever else she might like. Or she can put another plant in it! lol. 
Once it has had sufficient drying time, tape over the yellow top and use chalkboard paint on the bottom portion. Chalkboard paint must dry 24 hours before you prime it. Priming is when you color all over it with the side of a piece of chalk (I didn't bother doing the underneath). After that you're free to write whatever little notes on it you please!
When writing the 'ruler' part, I used a Sharpie paint marker. I just happened to have one, but if I didn't I'd probably have just used a regular Sharpie with equal success...and no drying time! I wanted my measurements to look pretty accurate; so, I used sewing tape to mark the inch locations. The rest I just eyeballed...i.e the half inch went in between each inch mark, and I just drew 4 smaller slashes in between those. Not sure how accurate that is, but I wanted to ensure that the overall spacing was even.
I can only imagine that it wouldn't be that easy get your message written neatly once the plant is in the pot. So, I wrote my message beforehand and was just careful not to mess it up when potting the plant. For this one I wrote "Mrs. H is the best!" It was impossible to get all of that phrase to show in a photo. You could have your child write a note on there to make it even more sweet. I have seen a couple of these floating around with the saying "Thanks for helping me grow." I think that one is really cute, too.
And because someone suggested it and I've decided it's fun...I signed the bottom of her flower pot. :)
Learning can be beautiful. 
(Hey that'd be another cute quote to write on the pot!)

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