Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cutsey Spookey Halloween Decor - Part 2

I have really dropped the ball with posting my Halloween stuff! I guess because I feel like the rest of it is so it needs something more. I love the front room from my Part 1 Decor! However, I figured I had better go ahead and post the rest of the downstairs or Halloween will have come and gone!
Look at the creepy egg sacs in the back corner! Ewww....
So this post covers the kitchen and my eating nook. Update: As I was writing this, inspiration struck! All it took were some items I already had on hand to make that spider haven above the cabinets!!!
I made this candy corn wreath last year. I had it on the front door, but it cried orange tears all over it. Candy corn dislikes WA weather more than I do (I've never cried over it, sheesh)! I should probably remake it so it'll look its best, but in the mean time it's cozy-ing up to my fruit bowl!
And what's a kitchen without a cute hand towel? I love cute hand towels!!! I also love those crawly mouse silhouettes that I strategically placed everywhere!
There's nothing going on for the buffet. However, the shelf above it got decked out!
The eating area is AWEsome, too! :) I picked up a spiderweb tablecloth for less than $10! It's a little longer than the table, but that's perfect because it will still fit if I use my leaves.
I love place appropriate decorations, like that cute witch cat plate in the kitchen!
 Don't forget the wine! EVER! lol, I remembered my wine by slapping some cute Halloween labels on the bottles. The bloody looking one is actually Maker's Mark whiskey, the top comes like that!

Those creepy jars are adorning a tea cart (you can see it in the right of the lower photo) that a friend gave me. I'll be serving any guests eyeballs and spider's webs!
Each place setting is decorated with the same bats that are on the wall in my office! Use a white paint marker and these would make perfect name tags for your seating arrangement!
 Here's part 1 if you missed it!

So, do you go all out for Halloween???


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