Saturday, October 13, 2012

Follow Me for a Giveaway!

Update: Some of these follow methods are out of date as I have changed the URLs for a few of the social media sites and updated my blog layout. However, the buttons on the left and on the contact me page are always up to date!

Now it's even easier to follow me! I added buttons at the very bottom of each post for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! So, just click on the one you want to follow me under and it will take you directly to my page!

Also, just to clear things up, (there was a question about it before) my photo that you see on the right hand side of the blog also presents ways to follow Vivaciously Vintage! Click on the word of the method you choose to follow me. It currently reads, Facebook, Twitter, R.S.S., Email, Blogger, and Pinterest! You can also find the actual URL's under the "Contact Me" page.

On the left of every post (and my home page) you'll see more options for sharing. You can "like" the post on Facebook, pin it, tweet it, Linkedin, or share it (this green button gives several options)! The pin it button will pin from the active url. So if you're pinning, be sure to click on the actual blog post first. Otherwise, it will just pin to my home page instead of the specific blog post with the photo. I hate it when I see a pin I like on Pinterest and the link back is only to the blog's home page...then I have to try and sift through everything to find what I actually wanted to see!
**Note that these side buttons do not make you a follower for Facebook, etc. It's just a way of sharing the post!**

Tell you friends because when I get to 500 followers I'll host my first giveaway to celebrate!!! As if my awesome posts weren't enough! ;)

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