Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fun Orange Filing Cabinet for Fall Y'all!

I love doing cute filing cabinets. I'm sure y'all can't tell since I've only posted about one. It was pretty plain over all. See my first one sporting a delicate peacock feather pattern  here.

This one I really went out on a limb with! I was in a fall mood and diggin' orange, not to mention I had several rolls of this paper that I hadn't used on anything yet!!!

Here she is! All festive for the season! Isn't she fun? So fun, that she sold pretty quickly. In fact, I think that's the soonest that a piece of mine has sold after it was posted.

The bottom drawers of our desks are filing drawers, otherwise I'd totally do a funky filing cabinet for myself! Not to mention that I don't file very much. I'm guilty of being a stuffer and a stacker. I just stack things up and stick them somewhere. Sweet husband hates it!!! He says I'm hiding things from him...but then again when I put his shoes in the closet he says I'm hiding them! haha I digress...

So I thought I'd be smart and use grey primer since the orange was a darker color. I knew it was a risk.

A decision I regret. I must have used 5 cans of paint on this where it normally would have taken 1. DIY and learn...

Anyway, at least she came out nicely in the end!!!

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