Monday, October 15, 2012

Our Outside {Witch Themed} Halloween Decor!

Welcome to our witches' haven! Just call us the Bewitching Buckleys! Our house has been taken over by witches....and I love it! Maybe I should be a witch for Halloween this year! 
I'm not the best photographer and my camera was awesome, maybe, 10 years ago! So, can you just trust that everything looks ridiculously cool in person (especially the night shots)??? Cause it totally does!!!
❤ these witches! I have a flying one in the left upper window, one that's cooking up something evilly delicious in her cauldron at the bottom right, and my creepy "I want to grab you and eat your children" wooden cut out by the door! Maybe there are children in that other witches pot! Dear CPS...I kid I kid! ;) The upper right window says "Something Wicked this way Comes..." (you can actually tell what it says in person...promise!) The witches in Macbeth are the bestest!
I think maybe next year I'll do something with the garage. Normally our giant diesel truck is parked there, so I didn't bother (I moved it for the photos).  Hopefully, I'll have the garage in order with shelves built so we can get a car in there!

I kept all of my fall decor in place and just added my Halloween into the mix. I even dressed up my scarecrow like a witch! Why not?!
It's amazing what a big impact something as simple (and cheap!) as spider webs has! I think I only used one pack for the entirety of my Halloween decor (inside and out)!
I think I'll be carving those pumpkins next week! I have evil plans for them!!!
And here's my grabby "I want to eat small children" witch. :) I made her myself!!! /flex She's about 7ft tall, but doesn't look it because she's on the ground below our stoop. 
 It's all fun and cute...until nightfall...MAWWWHAHAHA!!! {yes I'm a dork}
 I back lit everything with orange bulbs, placed a spotlight behind the small child eating witch, and put purple lights around the door and on the bushes on either side of the house. I thought the purple was a good witchy color, plus it matches my front door!
 So what do you think? Do you decorate your home with a specific theme for Halloween? What's your most beloved creature of the season?