Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stella Mere Photography ~ Best Photographer in WA!

My sweet friend, Stella, is putting together a video for the Chief's mess of the USS. John C. Stennis. It's a family photo/video slide show for our guys to view at Christmas time.

She requested photos from everyone, preferably ones that their Chief has not seen. Well Chief {omg new name for him?} has seen all of mine!

So, Stella Mere Photography (a fellow Chief's wife) was gracious enough to offer her services to myself and the entire mess.

So I'm not allowed to show all of my photos because Chief (wink wink) will see...but here's the two that she already posted. :)

Look how perfectly she captured my sweet doggies!!! I had to make this one my new profile photo for Facebook!

Speaking of doggies.....she was so patient with them! Any time you try to make them do something, they get all weirded out like "OMG MOM WHAT DO YOU WANT!!!?????"

She was also patient with kiddo who only wanted to pose like the son an Egyptian and super hero. Lol. I can't wait to show y'all that one!!!

Okay so here's one that she hasn't revealed yet...but I just had to let y'all see!!!

Yes, that is exactly what you think it is!!! BAHAHAHA!

I saw it and just couldn't help myself. It was like furniture on the side of the road with a "FREE" sign!

Here's some more of her fabulous work! {Some of my favs...}
Can we all agree that family photos at Sears/Walmart/Kmart/etc/etc are circa 1980's? Not to mention their prints are getting outrageous! I can DIY my own fake present props for Christmas, thank you!

Can't get this in a portrait studio!!!

Well, they might have leaf props...but she wouldn't have the expression of pure joy from actually getting to play in the leaves!!!

Yes her pictures are awesome. Yes she has an awesome camera....

No that is not WHY her pictures are awesome! Kapeesh?

And here she is....she even takes fantastic self portraits!!! Beautiful!

It's really nice having something someone pretty to look at when posing for the camera! ;)

All of these images are owned by Stella Mere Photography. Check out her Facebook page! More awesome photos (along with her contact info) are just a "like" away!!!


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