Saturday, October 27, 2012

White Trim ~ FINALLY!

I take forever doing things that I hate. I procrastinate. I avoid. I pretend to ignore it and let it fix itself (you'd be surprised how frequently well that works for me)!

Painting the trim in our hallway was just that. Hate. Never again will we own a house with anything other than white trim!

Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike brown....but it has to be that deep, rich, beautiful, masculine brown. 
Our trim was not. Here are the befores...

I already painted the railing and the guest bathroom trim.

 I think I just threw up a little.
I did the downstairs relatively well. I painted a room, I painted the trim. Baby steps.

I have no plans to paint the hallway {anytime soon}...but I wanted that white trim and doors!

...there....were...sooooooo....many doors!
***Please forgive the photos! I'm still working with a cell phone only until I figure out what camera I want to replace my lost one.***

I finally got it all done! And "new" silver hardware, too.

Now, I need some art in the hallway, besides my awesome  laundry room doors. It's a conumdrum because I know I want to do a gallery wall up the stairs, but I don't want to go on frame overload and carry lots of them into the upstairs hall. So I'm thinking larger scale pieces.


P.S. another project on my ULTIMATE DIY Deployment List is done. :)


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