Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Trees: Artificial vs. Real

Do you prefer a real tree or an artificial one? Everyone has their own preference, and some have very strong opinions on this topic!
I personally love artificial trees! However, I'll try to keep an open mind when comparing the two. ;)
Artificial Christmas Trees
  • Use year after year.
  • Save $ (see above!)
  • No constant shed of pine needles.
  • Don't have to brunt the cold weather to pick one out!
  • Adjustable branches! I bend mine to fill gaps, or if I want to hang an ornament in a particular place.
  • Some are very realistic looking.
  • Flame retardant.
  • Come with special additions, like snow, glitter, berries, lights, etc.
  • Come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors! 
  • After the initial purchase, you can use that roughly $100+ yearly towards more gifts!

  • Has to be stored all year. This can be a big issue if you're tight on space.
  • Some are ridiculous to put together!!! Luckily mine comes in only 3 large pieces, but as a kid Mom's required that you attach each individual branch onto the trunk!
  • All that extra stuff that you thought was so awesome can bite you in the butt! My pre-lit tree stopped working properly the first year I had it!
  • Made from a non-renewable resource (petroleum), more specifically PVC. But hey, you only have to buy 1 right?
  • They do not biodegrade. So once you trash them, they sit in a landfill forever.
  • Packing the tree and putting it away.
  • Most are made overseas. This does not help our economy!

Real Christmas Trees

  • Fresh scent.
  • Come in all different shapes and types!
  • Provides a wonderful tradition of picking out a tree yearly...or even cutting it down yourself!
  • Renewable: For each tree harvested, a new seedling is planted.
  • Every tree absorbs carbon dioxide and replenishes oxygen. Whew. ;)
  • Many trees are "treecycled" after the holiday season. They are made into mulch!
  • Supports local economy.

  • That fresh scent might not be so fresh if you're allergic.
  • Needles, needles, needles! They get everywhere! This is a major hindrance for me since I only vacuum once a month week (honest ::wink::)!
  • Hauling such a large item can prove difficult!
  • Not good for the "personal economy", i.e. your wallet because it's a recurring, yearly expense.
  • Can be a fire hazard.

I suppose all in all, your personal preference will be based on which of the pros and cons are more important to you. For me, the convenience and cost effectiveness of my artificial tree wins hands down. Not to mention that when I do get a new tree, it will likely be a bigger/upgraded one and I'll just keep the other one as a second tree for a different room. Yay for artificial "treecycling"!

While I do love how easy my tree is to handle, I have always been a little sad that I have never taken kiddo to pick out and cut down his own tree. I think that is something we will have to do one day. Maybe next Christmas, assuming the Navy is planning to ever let my have my husband back!! lol

So what's your preference? I'd love to hear your comments....or if you have any more pros and cons to add to the lists! :)

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