Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Directionally Challenged Mirror. ;)

So, as the title implies, I can't decide which way I should face this mirror! I first put it vertically...and I was really liking how the frames were sort of layered onto it.

But then I put it horizontal. And I was diggin' that, too!

Looking at it one at a time, I was completely torn. Seeing them side by side via these photos....I think I'm leaning towards horizontal.

Either way, it's easy to change my mind.

Daily? :)

Also....what color should I paint it??? Or should I?

I like the brown because it goes with the frames on the  entry table....but who knows how long they'll be there before I find something else that I like. :)

I'm leaning more towards painting it. Not to mention those crevices are just begging for a good glazing. Yes really...."glaze me, please!"

There is also a grandfather clock in the corner that I got for $17...awaiting a makeover.
So, the question remains...color....the same turquoise as the top of the  entry table  or white....or even the same golden yellow as  my painted lamps  would go?

I really don't know. It might just stay brown if I can't decide!

Commitment issues? Psshhaw...

Thoughts on direction and color???


 photo SmallShortStalker_zps7374fe78.jpg


  1. Horizontal deff! It makes it look larger and I like the way the ship painting is reflected. And maybe torquoise. There is so much white in the dresser and pictures already, it might be a bit too much . Speaking of reflections though... Such a cute fur baby you have! He looks amazing

    1. :) I like how you think. And I swear his favorite thing to do is look out the window...the other one is camera shy, though.