Friday, November 30, 2012

How to Decorate your Christmas Tree Like a PRO!

  Believe it or not, there is rhyme and reason to decorating your tree to achieve a professional look. So read on to learn how to decorate it like a pro...or at least like an Ansley. ;) haha
Assemble your artificial tree or put your real on in the stand. 
I prefer an artificial tree because...well  click here to find out. ;)~
Let there be lights! 
Okay, so this one can be tricky. My tree has (had?) built in lights. You know the pre-lit ones? Well first year I had it the bottom stopped working. I spent hours under that tree changing burnt out bulbs to no avail. Anyway, now I just don't bother with it and use my own strings. I personally don't think it matters if you start on the top or bottom, but the pattern can make your life easier or harder.
Fake your wrap around lights! I just start on one side, usually at the back, (top or bottom) and snake them around. I just walk to the other side of the tree and meet the lights on the first side. Then make a loop and go back the direction you just came from, only higher (or lower if you started at the top). Rinse and repeat.
In hindsight, looks like I could have used more lights in the middle!
Go overboard with lights! Okay maybe not overboard, but use plenty! A good rule is for every vertical foot of tree, you need 100 lights!
Add your tree topper, especially if it is lit, like mine!
Add your Garland/Ribbon
If you are using a beaded garland, swag it around on your tree. If you opt for ribbon, I think it looks best spiraled around your tree. Work your way from the top to bottom. If your tree is artificial, use the branches to pinch the ribbon together and hold it in place. Just be sure not to smoosh it in between branches. Make sure there is plenty of room so it doesn't look like a squashed afterthought.

Hang your ornaments.
Hang your largest ornaments or big clip ins first! They serve as a way to divide your tree into different sections. Use them to fill any bare spots or gaps in your tree.
I got these great big stars at the Dollar Tree! Perfect!
Next, hang your favorite ornaments. Be sure and place them in the prime spots! You want everyone to see these babies! I think about what part of the tree I personally see the most and (since mine's next to the front door) the side that people see when they first walk inside.
Then hang your normal sized ornaments. I recommend using different sheens of the same color, i.e. glitter, glossy, matte, etc. Something you might not have though of, place some deeper into the tree branches. This gives your tree a multidimensional feeling. Some of them I just nestled deep inside the tree; no need to even hang. 
Add smaller ones (I like tiny red bows and candy canes!), anywhere it needs a little "something" and at the top of your tree.
Last, add any finishing touches. I used peacock feathers leftover from our  wedding!
How many ornaments you add is completely up to you! Some people don't like their tree looking too busy. Just keep adding until you get to look you want. I always try to space out the different colors evenly, though. :) Be sure to stand back and take the entire tree in. This allows you to determine if you have too much or not enough!
  The most important thing is that you enjoy your tree!
This is from last year. We haven't gotten around to family photos yet this season!
Hope you enjoyed the sneak peaks....I'll reveal my full Christmas tree along with more detailed shots in my next post!!! ;)

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