Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tiny White Hutch

I'm so happy with this little hutch! I got it for only $3 at Goodwill! 
When I first got it, I just plopped it on our desks thinking I wasn't sure about how I liked it. And, really, I didn't. Our desks seemed so crowded with the addition of the hutch. I just thought, "Well, I'll paint it and see if the uniform color makes it less crowded. And if not, I'll sell it." So, glad I did!
 Here's the little hutch before. That trim made it look so dated.
I had to basically disassemble the hutch because it had this ugly trim. The trim came off easily enough, but there were extra support bars underneath. Once the trim was off they were just another eyesore. Long story short, I had to take it all apart and find a new way to attach the top of the hutch. 
Liquid nails to the rescue. ;)
Then I realized that  I had to keep some pressure on it while it dried. Hmm, what do I have a lot of that's heavy? Super fancy box wine anyone???
I love how it fills the big gap between the two monitors perfectly!
After it dried, I sprayed it up bright white. See my painting tips  here. 
After I put it back on my desk all gorgeous and white I loved it! ...almost. It was still a little crowded, so I just schooched our computer monitors over a bit, added a few accessories, and my favorite video games.. Then it was perfect!

The only problem is...what am I going to put on those candle sticks after fall? I love the pumpkins so much! I'll have to see if I can find some fatty candles. But what color?
 One more thing knocked off my  ULTIMATE DIY Deployment List!


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