Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kiddo's Bedroom - Mini Makeover

This past week was kiddo's 10th birthday. I'm still recovering from having a thousand little boys spend the night at my house. lol! Anyway, I thought I'd honor his birthday by sharing the mini makeover that I gave his room.
Here's how his blue and red car themed bedroom looked for a long time:
Read more about how it got to that stage and the "before before" here.
Here it is now! It's amazing how just rearranging the furniture can make such an impact! And a slight improvement in my photography skills. :)
I updated his bedding. I gave up on finding the perfect plaid quilts...especially since they were like $80+ each. So I opted for those "microplush" blankets (for $30 total!), since he loves mine so much and hogs it! I got a red one for the top and a blue one for the bottom. The plaid at the end of each bed is just the right touch. It only looks like a nicely folded reality, it's just some fabric tucked in at the bottom!
I also added a secretary that I got at an estate sale for only $30, and recovered a little chair that I picked up at Goodwill. I envisioned him having a little spot to do his homework, but of course he always does it downstairs in our office where I am. The padding on the chair was nonexistant, so I cut an old bed pillow in half and used the stuffing from that! Now it's nice and cushy!
The main change on the opposite side of the room is the TV! Of course, now we don't have cable while Hubby is deployed. I figured why not save $150 a month since I rarely watch it. We have Netflix, though. Suits us just fine. While the TV might be kiddo's favorite part, my favorite part is those hubcaps! Real deal hubcaps that I got at Goodwill for $5 each! They are the perfect accessory for this blue and red, car themed boy's room!
I think all that I want to do in there now is add some drapes. He has that ugly brown shade (I'm ashamed to say I picked it out!) at least. 
What do y'all think!? Sometimes a "redesign" can be super affordable!