Thursday, December 6, 2012

DIY Teal Candy Cane Christmas Wreath!

I know I mentioned on  Facebook  that I'd have this post out , like 2 days ago...well I'm nothing if not a procrastinator. So, I'm sorry. Was it worth the wait???
This was really easy and cheap to make! Speaking of cheap, sometimes all you need are a few ornaments to make an item you already have more festive! My peacock candle holder wanted to get in the Christmas spirit! :)
Start out with a wreath. Or if you're crazy like me and they didn't have just the right size, make your own from a styrofoam circle! Just cut out the center with some scissors...I basically just kept stabbing it in the shape of a circle. Yep. Totally. Sane.
Scrappy agrees with the whole me being totally sane thing. That's clear in his expression! lol
Wrap that in the ribbon color of your choice. Be sure to overlap the edges to cover the wreath fully. I only used hot glue at each end of the ribbon, i.e. the start of the wrap and the end.
Next it's time to add your candy canes! I used real ones because, well that's what I was able to find at the Dollar Tree! I did take them all out of the wrapping. I tried several different arrangements (before gluing of course!) before I settled on this one. Just add a strip of hot glue to the end/back side of each candy cane and press it firmly onto your ribbon-wrapped wreath! Repeat for the second candy cane. Once that one is added, carefully add a dot of glue to the end of the first candy cane and press it to the back of the next one to stabilize them. Rinse, repeat!
My last candy cane did not line up perfectly. So I just designated that spot for the hanging ribbon. I think it camouflages the imperfection pretty well!
Lastly, that cute little red reindeer is from the $ Tree also. I just nestled him in the center of the wreath, no glue at all. Though, by all means glue him if you must! I felt bad enough that I had to cut off a good portion of his legs to get him to fit inside the wreath. I figured hot glue would just add insult to injury. /wink  lol
I hung the wreath over my  directionally challenged mirror, which as you can see, I still haven't painted! I did pick up the color I need, though. Baby steps! Anyhow, I love how the candy canes reflect in the mirror! It looks so cool and sort of 3D! Not to mention that my  peacock feather Christmas tree looks beautimus reflecting in the mirror!
The whole setup looks so cute over my  teal and white entry table!
Hope you enjoyed the first post in my series of a Ho Ho Homemade Christmas with Vivaciously Vintage!!!
P.S. I wouldn't recommend this as an outside wreath...unless you use fake candy canes!
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