Sunday, December 2, 2012

Our Red, Teal, and Gold Peacock Feather Chrismas Tree!

So here it is, my glorious Christmas tree! I love it! My peacock feather theme actually started last year when Mom sent me 2 peacock ornaments with feather tails! I loved them! So I embraced the peacock theme. However, I just can't let go of some semblance of a traditional Christmas (not to mention I couldn't afford to replace all of the decorations we already had!), which is why I pared the peacock teal with red! Still semi-traditional and it just so happens those were actually the same as our wedding colors! The peacock feathers are leftover from our wedding, too!
Anyway, are you ready for picture overload? I hope so!

 Peacocks aren't the only birds adorning our tree. I picked up these pretty red cardinals at the $ Tree. Those gold glitter birdcages are among my favorite ornaments as well!

I have a love hate relationship with this ornament! It's a picture of the Stennis, the carrier that my husband is on. Hate because it's the reason (well not the ornament itself!) that he has been gone last Christmas and this one! But I love it because it is a part of our lives and has helped shape who we are as a couple. Also love because I have met so many great wives! Love y'all!

I love that little reindeer painting. Sweet kiddo made it for me when he was in kindergarten. It's his little hands and foot. How sweetly festive!

 Another of my favorite ornaments pictured above! I was able to find some more peacock themed ornaments at Walmart this year. I actually bought them before Halloween! I also love the BIG stars! They came from the Dollar Tree! Where else, right?

We don't have a fireplace in this house, but we have one in South Carolina. That makes perfect sense, right?! So I have to improvise with our stockings. I just use some command hooks and stick them to our wall between the office (where our tree is!) and the kitchen. I love this view! So merry!
I sort of thought that maybe we need new stockings because these don't exactly go with my theme. However they are cute, and I have some sentimental feelings for them. There's actually a fourth stocking...another Santa one, with the tags still attached. I bought these 3 years ago. The extra Santa one was because I was so sure we'd get pregnant and I would need it.
In the mean time, here's one of the 3 babies that I do have enjoying our Christmas tree! Scrappy loves Christmas! Except for when I fuss at him because his giant tail knocks ornaments off the tree. Sweet thing!
Here's another full shot of the tree! Love it!
I'm sure most of y'all have your tree up by now. I'd love to see pictures! Feel free to post them on my  facebook page
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