Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Simple Christmas Table

I have been slacking BIG time on the Christmas posting, but honestly, I haven't felt very festive. :( This isn't a woe is me post, so on to my dining area!

I like to keep the table itself relatively simple, with only place mats, dishes and a small centerpiece. The place mats are from the Dollar Tree. Can't beat a buck a piece!  Also, happy that my hoarding came in handy once again! Those green saucers are our old dishes (well the one's hubs had before we met!). I think they make a nice Christmas accent color!

I rolled the napkins up and placed them inside each bowl. Then I accented it with a litle bow. It almost acts as a napkin ring of sorts.

I've always loved these wine glasses. One thing that hubs had before we met that I'm letting him keep! haha. They look like they're going to shatter. I've fooled a couple people with them. They see my glass and are like "OMG don't move! Your glass is about to shatter!" bahahaha So pretty, though.

The star of the show is definitely the hanging centerpiece!!! The last few years I've turned my chandelier into a Christmas tree! I love what a unique centerpiece it makes! Post on that soon...
What do you think? It's a quick and easy table set up, without a lot of fuss! Except the chandelier, of course, but that stays up as Christmas decor, so it's not something you do for each meal. :)
P.S. I had taken all the photos for this post yesterday, but then I woke up to snow this morning! So I retook them all since I thought it was more Christmas-y with the peeks of snow through the windows!!! :)