Sunday, December 23, 2012

Stenciled Family Name, Fleru de Lis Throw Pillows

Looking for a last minute Christmas present (like me?)...have a Silhouette machine? Look no further then! This is actually the first time I've used my Cameo, even though I've had it since October. I don't know if it was late or what was wrong with me, but I just was not grasping the I stuck it under my husband's computer desk where it stayed for 2 months! Well tonight, I just did it. /shrug
Each pillow has my sister's last name and the year that they were married. :) The lines aren't crisp and perfect because I did it on a premade pillow. Yet, I think it adds to the vintage feel. I'm smitten!
It was relatively simple. I just used the font in the Silhouette Studio for the lettering and the fleur de lis was just an image that I found online. If you don't have a Silhouette Cameo, fear not! You can still do these types of projects. More details on making a stencil by hand can be found here. Ok, maybe fear a little bit because if you have a lot of lettering it will take you a long time!
Read all about that awesome blue chair here!
Once I had the stencil cut out, I just centered it on the pillow, smoothed it all down, and used a foam brush with regular old paint. Be sure to dab it with the brush and not paint it on. Remove the stencil and voila!
Unique homemade gifts for your (in my case) sisters! I'm sad I don't have one for myself! :(((
P.S. Don't worry they're bad, bad, bad sisters and hardly ever look at my I'm sure this won't be a spoiler!!! lol