Monday, January 21, 2013

DIY Snowman Yard Decoration

Ever since I got my jigsaw I love making these yard decorations! The first one I made was the giant witch at Halloween. Now I've made this little snowman! I had aspirations to make a nativity scene...but lost the motivation. But hey, there's always next Christmas, right? ;)
Full instructions on how I make these yard decorations can be found in this post. The only difference is I bought wooden yard steaks for these guys. I did not for the witch because she was so large and just easily leaned against my house. Here is the snowman shape that I used and then enlarged for my template:
I kept him relatively simple, just painting his hat black and the rest of him white. I dug in my sweet husband's closet and found one of his scarves to wrap around his neck! :) It's okay, I've never ever seen my hubs wear a scarf. This snowman is rockin' it though!
And for you emo artsy types out there. Here's another version of my snowman. His black tears reflect the sorrow of my soul....or something. ;) haha, it was actually an accident, but I guess people have gotten a kick out of my crying snowman. Perhaps he is mourning the end of cold weather and his impending melty death!
In reality, I lacked the common sense to not put him out in the drizzling rain with wet eyeballs. The funny part is I was all flabbergasted at how his eyes did that. Then kiddo pointed out to me..."wasn't it raining?" Ahhh....haha. Good thing I'm not the sharpest tool in the tool box, otherwise I might cut myself! ;)

Impending melty death or not, he's just perfect for winter decor! Him and my snowball wreath are BFF's!
I love this guy a lot because I can keep him out from Christmas time all the way through Valentine's Day! Perfect for long range decor! And I have a couple of these guys up for grabs for $30 (scarf not included).