Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top 10 Best of 2012!

I thought that I would start out the new year reflecting on the best of last year. I know everyone seems to enjoy the new year and hope for better things, but perhaps the new year should be a time to be thankful for how awesome the previous year was...even if it wasn't perfect!
Without further ado, here are my 10 favorite projects from 2012!
I still love, love, love kiddo's bathroom! It was my first "special" paint project. Since then, I've stenciled my laundry room doors and our office!
I revamped this pink and black chalkboard desk to sell. It sold pretty quickly. I think the fastest out of any of my pieces! I sold the whole set (desk, chair, and pin boards) for $200. This is still a favorite, and likely a favorite of all mom's with little girls who love pink!!! :)
Another furniture piece that everyone seems to love is my Eiffel Tower table! This table is a best of 2012 not only because it's awesome, but I ended up being friends with the lady I sold it to! :) I also did a French jewlery box for her!
Who could forget my purple front door? I love it. I labored over what color to choose for a long time, then settled on purple, then couldn't decide what shade of purple, then painted it purple and wasn't sure if I liked it after all! It has grown on me, and I definately love it. All the neighbors compliment me on it, too! :)
Like everyone else this year, I was loving the chevron pattern! Although, I don't really have any of it in my house! Instead I did this cool chevron coffee table to sell, along with a tutorial on the stripes. I find that I do a lot of my furniture pieces because it's just something fun that I want to do, or a pattern I like, and I fufill the desire to create/have it temporarily through furniture.
I think this is a major tutorial for my blog! So much of what I do is furniture makeovers, and so far they have all been painted! I haven't gotten up the nerve to strip and restain a piece...yet! Anyway, this painting tutorial is so great because it (in my opinon) gives you the easiest method for painting furniture quickly with a professional finish! /tootingmyownhorn!
I love anything easy and delicious. Whether it's delicious design, furniture, or food! These chocolate and caramel filled brownies definately fit the bill. They are super easy and crazy delicious. This is my stable item for pot luck type events. Everyone always loves them and asks for the recipe. I pretend it's a huge secret, but I love y'all so I share it with you! :)
Saving money is important, especially on non essentials. It's how I rationalize getting things that aren't necessary! "Well I saved so much I'm able to get it!" That's how I was able to go all out on Halloween! This post tells you how to save lots of money on Halloween with DIY projects, thrifting! It's sort of all inclusive of my Halloween decor.
This! Even better, it was a ridiculiously easy makeover!!! No reupholstering...yet so dramatic a transformation! Check out the full tutorial here!
Christmas this year was another for my hubby and I to spend apart. I tried to get into the spirit as best as I could. At least I loved our Christmas tree! It was teal and red with peacock feathers (our wedding theme)! I also posted about how to decorate your tree and the pros and cons of real versus fake trees!
Oh my goodness, I had such a hard time just choosing 10! I get emotional about my pieces, and I love them all so much. Ok, well not all of them because some of them suck. ;) But the ones I like I really love!!!