Friday, January 18, 2013

Yarn Winter Snowball Wreath

Yes I know it's January 18th already, and I'm just now getting to posting about my yarn winter snowball wreath when I should be thinking about my Valentine's Day wreath like the rest of the good bloggers who already have their V Day wreaths hanging on their door and on their blog home page. Yes, I also know that was a very long run on sentence.

But I figure it's still freezing in March, so after February ends, I'll just put this baby back up on the door! :)
So are you ready for a story about a winter wreath? I hope so, if not, just scroll through and look at all the pictures. Yes, I'm guilty of this myself. Reading is hard work!
Like the snowman? More on him soon!

I fell in love with this snowball wreath last winter. I even got all the supplies to make it then. Talk about procrastination!!! I am the Queen of Procrastination. I never remove my crown except to have it polished by my servants, only...I always procrastinate to tell them. ;)
I got it done this year! The whole thing was relatively inexpensive. In hind sight - it could have been even MORE inexpensive. I'll return to that in a bit.
Lots of foam balls (or plain, cheap Christmas ornaments!)
Wreath form
Fabric to wrap your wreath in
Various colors of yarn
Ornaments for some sparkle
Hot glue and gun!
Start with your foam balls and just wrap them in yarn. I mean rap, rap, rap....ahem wrap, excuse me. YOLO? Yes, I am in a weird mood! Too much coffee and zebra striped, chocolatey, caramely popcorn!
 I made my wreath form out of pipe insulator. I guess that's what it's called, that's what I call it. :) Just a big foam tube that surrounds the pipes to keep them from freezing. At least that's my imaginative purpose for it (not that I really know, have asked, or looked it up); in reality, it's a 97cent wreath form!
To turn this baby into a wreath, just loop it around to get an idea of the size you want your wreath to be. Then just take some scissors and whack it. Very technical, I know. Duct tape might have worked best, but I didn't have any (*gasp*) so I just used shipping tape to tape the ends together in the shape of a circle. The only slightly negative thing I have to say about it is that it doesn't keep the perfect circular shape with all the weight of the balls. It's not noticeable enough to bother me, and I'm still happy with it!
So, I had all these balls wrapped in different color yarns. I'm crazy excited about gluing them to my wreath. I slather on the hot glue because I don't want these babies coming off....and....FAIL. My wreath had a meltdown!
I run upstairs looking for some scrap fabric. I find some nice cream colored stuff, cut it into strips, and wrap my wreath hoping this helps. It does. :) While I was looking for fabric I also found some white fur that I used to make cat ears for a costume a couple Halloween's ago. This must be a part of my winter wreath! Cute little fur balls!
I return to the slathering of hot glue and placement of snowballs. Then I realize I don't have enough of the smaller sized snow balls. I almost panic, but then I remember that I'm a genius and running out of something I need in the middle of a project at midnight is no problamo.
So, I pull out some tiny Christmas ornaments that are still in my coat closet because I wanted to return them, but procrastinated too long and then all of the sudden Christmas was over! I wrapped those babies in yarn! This is where I said my wreath could have been cheaper. A big container of these babies are only $1 at the Dollar Tree. Much cheaper than the foam balls. However, I got my foam balls at Goodwill for only like 50 cents for an 8 pack. But if you're making one yourself...use cheap ornaments!
After all the snowballs were glued on, I just used a piece of yarn to tie on the pretty star ornament in the center of the wreath.

So, the day was saved partly by my procrastination. :) See, I'll never learn my lesson! It took me about 3 hours to make this baby. Yes, that's a long time. Yes, I'm sure I took several breaks during that time....but isn't she fancy?!

I was chatting on Facebook to my husband while making this (that also might account for why it took me 3 hours!) and he asked for a picture. Of course, I was so proud of my wreath in progress that I had to include it (not that he cares!). Lol
Yes that is a Darth Vader shirt! See more dorkiness here! And here's more eye candy. As if me with no makeup, crazy hair, and a dorky t shirt aren't enough!!! lmao

So what do you have on your door to fill the void between Christmas and Valentine's day?

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