Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mid-Century Modern Cane Back Dining Chairs

These poor chairs sat in my garage too long. I'll bet they were cold. :( I finally decided to give them the makeover they deserve! Now they are beautiful, mid-century modern black and white chairs!

So, here is what the chairs looked like before. They were pretty meh, but they had a fun mid-century modern feel. The cane was also in perfect condition, so I swooped them up!

I bought this pretty French fabric in Texas when I was visiting my sister over Christmas. Yes, I realize that is not the fabric that's on the finished picture! Because this pattern had to be facing a certain direction...I didn't have enough because the seats on the chairs are so wide! I was pretty bummed. I love that fabric! I looked online, but they didn't have any on their website to order. And, I had already painted 2 of the chairs black before discovering my oops. So, that severely limited my color choice of new fabric!

This will show up in a future project!

Then I found this cream and black - modern-ish print fabric! I think I like it equally as much, it's just a different style. I actually think that this style better suits the period of the chairs. I'll just have to reserve that French fabric for a different project; it would look pretty on some sweet, curvy chairs.

All these chairs needed was a good cleaning, some black paint, and awesome fabric! They are gorgeous, and sure to be a hit at the dinner table! ;) There are four of these beauties up for grabs in my shop! They're only $80 for the pair! ~ Heart pillow not included. It was just my attempt at being festive for Valentine's!